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Couture Wedding Dresses - uniquely designed
and custom made to fit you perfectly

Custom making your wedding dress ensures you will get exactly the style you want and that it will fit you perfectly. These two qualities are impossible to get in a bought dress, which is why d'Italia is so popular for the custom-making of beautiful wedding dresses.

Wedding Dresses

Couture Wedding Dresses & Bridal Gowns, Melbourne

It can be difficult to find a ready-made wedding dress exactly the way you imagine yours to be.

However, d'Italia makes brides' dreams come true.

As corny as this sounds, it is true because quite literally d'Italia can make any style of wedding gown in any fabric, so that your dream dress can be created exactly the way you have always imagined it...

By appointment, you can come into d'italia for a free consultation during which expert styling and dressmaking consultants will go through your needs and wants.  They will help you refine the style of your dress (if you need help with it) and then assist you in the choice of the perfect fabric from d'Italia's range of divine Italian silks and French laces.  Once this has been done, they will work out exactly how much your dream dress will cost to make - and this is where you will get a very lovely surprise...

This is why d'Italia is famous for the creation of beautiful custom-made bridal gowns.

d'Italia makes every bride beautiful...imagine how beautiful YOU will feel!

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You are guaranteed a perfect fit with custom-built corsetry, and will have total control over the style of your gown.
To make an appointment to have an accurate costing worked out or to find out more call 03 9509 4633 now or fill out the quick email form on the right.

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